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MSC2010 was a revision of the 2000 subject classification scheme developed through the collaborative efforts of the editors of zbMATH and MR with considerable input from the community. zbMATH and MR have initiated the process of revising MSC2010 with an expectation that the revision will be used beginning in 2020.From the perspective of MR and zbMATH, the five-digit classification scheme MSC is an extremely important device that allows editors and reviewers to process the literature. Users of the publications of zbMATH and MR employ the MSC to search the literature by subject area. In the decade since the last revision, keyword searching has become increasingly prevalent, with remarkable improvements in searchable databases. Yet, the classification scheme remains important. Many publishers use the subject classes at either the time of submission of an article, as an aid to the editors, or at the time of publication, as an aid to readers. The arXiv uses author-supplied MSC codes to classify submissions, and as an option in creating alerts for the daily listings. Browsing the MR or zbMATH database using a two- or three-digit classification search is an effective method of keeping up with research in specific areas.

Based in part on some thoughtful suggestions from members of the community, the editors of MR and zbMATH have given preliminary consideration to the scope of the revision of the MSC. We do not foresee any changes at the two-digit level; however, it is anticipated that there will be refinement of the three- and five-digit levels.

At this point, zbMATH and MR welcome additional community input into the process. Comments should be submitted through the Web。You may also send email。关于MSC修订的所有信息由MR和ZBMATH共享。随着过程向前移动,此输入将具有很大的值。

Edward Dunne,执行编辑,Mathematical Reviews
Klaus Hulek, Editor-in-Chief,ZBMATH.


土著居民的ut Edward Dunne

我是数学审查的执行编辑。此前,我是17年的AMS册计划的编辑。在为AMS工作之前,我在牛福德大学和俄克拉荷马州立大学工作的学术职业生涯。1990 - 91年,我为海德堡的斯特林斯 - Verlag工作。我的博士学位。来自哈佛。我收到了世界一流的文科教育,作为圣克拉拉大学的本科生。
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6 Responses toMSC2020– Mathematics Subject Classification update

  1. Avatar Sukhdev Singh. 说:

    Please provide MSC coding for nets, filters, lexicographical order relations

  2. Avatar Dr Ndiyo Etop 说:


    • Avatar Edward Dunne 说:

      Thank you for your comment. MSC2010 has the class: 35R12 “Impulsive partial differential equations”.

  3. Avatar Les thorpe. 说:

    Would you know where I can find the (exact) mathematics fields and sub-fields for 12C20 and 81C05? I know that the primary fields are “Field Theory & Polynomials” and “Quantum Theory” respectively but I can’t find any further description in MSC2010 list of codes.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Avatar Edward Dunne 说:

      From zbMATH:

      12C20 = 12C =“有限场的紧固”,12 =“场理论和多项式”中的有限换向环(数学方面)'
      81C05 =在81C =“量子力学中的薛定草,克莱因 - 戈登和其他量子力学方程的闭合和近似解,狄拉克,克莱因和其他量子机械方程”在81 =“量子理论”中的“量子力学的一般数学主题和方法”


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