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Some updates during the coronavirus | COVID-19 epidemic

The world is responding to the global coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic in many ways. One of the most important is by socially distancing ourselves from one another. While this helps slow the spread of the epidemic, it also cuts …Continue reading

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Hillel Furstenberg & Grigoriĭ Margulis win Abel Prize

Hillel Furstenberg and Grigoriĭ Margulis have been announced as the winners of the 2020 Abel Prize. You can read the official announcement here. There is a news item about the prize on the AMS website. Needless to say, they have …Continue reading

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垫hematics and epidemiology

垫hematics is a useful tool in studying the growth of infections in a population, such as what occurs in epidemics. A simple model is given by a first-order differential equation, the logistic equation, $\frac{dx}{dy}=\beta x(1-x)$ which is discussed in almost any …Continue reading

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