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Otto Neugebauer, redux

Last May, I wrote a piece about Otto Neugebauer and the founding of Mathematical Reviews. I find Neugebauer’s story compelling. A revised version of that blog post was published in the October 2020 issue of the Notices of the American …Continue reading

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MathSciNet Webinar Videos

Recently, Michael Jones, the Managing Editor at Mathematical Reviews, gave a webinar about using MathSciNet. The full-length video (54 minutes) is available from YouTube here. There are also three excerpts available: How to Conduct an Author Search (10 minutes), How …Continue reading

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Martin Hairer wins Breakthrough Prize

Martin Hairer has won the 2021 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics. The announcement is here. The official citation is: For transformative contributions to the theory of stochastic analysis, particularly the theory of regularity structures in stochastic partial differential equations. His long …Continue reading

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