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Category is…A Tour of Math3ma’s Blog

I am a huge fan of Tai-Danae Bradley’s blog Math3ma. Why? In her blog, Tai-Danae explains concepts related to Category Theory and many other fields of math with beautiful illustrations in an accessible way. Math3ma was launched in 2015 when …Continue reading

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What Wish Would You Ask a Math Genie to Grant?

“If a genie offered to give you a thorough understanding of one theorem, what theorem would you choose?” blogger John D. Cook recently asked on his @AnalysisFact Twitter account. Responses ranged from the names of theorems to questions about the …Continue reading

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Topology in the Limelight

拓扑的时刻。也许不一样this never-ending election season or this Pringles “ringle” with 40,000 retweets and counting (seriously, you should go look—it’s a self-supporting ring of potato chips, need I say more?), but it’s been getting more …Continue reading

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Medaling Mathematicians

You may consider the Fields Medal a boon to the mathematical community as it showcases amazing young mathematicians and brings math into the limelight. Or you may view the Fields Medal as an unfortunate reinforcement of the notion that mathematics …Continue reading

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Mathematician Presents Flawed Proof – in a work of fiction

Following Evelyn’s last post about the new Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics, I will now discuss the opposite of wild mathematical success. Depending on how excited you are about public speaking, the moments before giving a talk at a math conference may be …Continue reading

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Summer Reading List

My Summer Reading List Having an industry job, I will not have any real change in my routine as summer hits. But I still think of summer as the season of reading for pleasure. So what are some new …Continue reading

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Crowd-Funded Mathematics

What if your research was funded by 100 strangers who had read your research proposal online and clicked “donate”? You’d feel responsible to write about your research in a more widely accessible way. You might pledge to provide monthly updates …Continue reading

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Discovering Proofs

Patrick Stevens is an undergraduate mathematics student at the University of Cambridge, and I’ve really been enjoying his blog recently. He’s been doing a series of posts about discovering proofs of standard real analysis theorems. He writes that the series …Continue reading

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Awesome K-12 Math Teachers Exist! And they have blogs.

I sometimes get tired of hearing about how “teachers (meaning K-12 teachers) just don’t understand this or that, or won’t try doing something new,” or are deficient in some way or another. We often advise teachers to let go of …Continue reading

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Geometry and the Imagination

If you like geometric group theory or amazing pictures (but especially geometric group theory), you might want to start reading Geometry and the Imagination, written by University of Chicago mathematician Danny Calegari. I’ve been following it for a while, but …Continue reading

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