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Musing Mathematically: A Tour

Musing Mathematically is a blog written by Nat Banting, a mathematics teacher, and mathematics education lecturer at the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. His blog, which began back in 2011, is centered around the ideas …Continue reading

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Mean Green Math Blog: A Tour

The Mean Green Math Blog: Explaining the whys of mathematics is a blog by Dr. John Quintanilla, a professor of mathematics at the University of North Texas (UNT). It has been around since 2013, and its name, ‘Mean Green’, is an …Continue reading

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Fractal Kitty Blog: A Tour

Fractal Kitty: Making Sense of the Abstract, is a blog created by Sophia Wood and edited by her daughter, where she shares an assortment of fantastic math content. What caught my attention was the great number of math illustrations …Continue reading

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Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog: A Tour

Dr. Tanya Khovanova is a mathematician whose research interests lie in recreational mathematics, combinatorics, probability, geometry, number theory. Currently, she is a Lecturer and PRIMES Head Mentor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In To Count the Natural Numbers, …Continue reading

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阿零直言的博客: A Tour

The Aleph Zero Categorical: There can only be one blog is written by Canadian mathematician Dr. Jason Polak. The blog started back in 2011, when Polak began his Ph.D. as a way to “showcase abstraction and its beauty in the …Continue reading

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Matt Baker’s Math Blog: A Tour

This week I dived into the math blogosphere and found this cool blog Matt Baker’s Math Blog by Dr. Matt Baker, a professor, and Associate Dean at Georgia Tech School of Mathematics. This blog was featured back in 2013 in Evelyn’s …Continue reading

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