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The first day of JMM was a horrific one in Washington, DC. It is shocking and disgraceful, but arguably not surprising that events unfolded as they did. The double standard of police treatment of these “protesters” as compared to the treatment of protesting Black Americans is despicable. Our President incited this violence, and I am counting down the days until he is out of the White House. [These views are my own.]

2021年的政治形势将与2020年有所不同,这一点你是不会忘记的。我们已经有了新的国会thCongress began work on January 3. We will have a new President on January 20.


TheSupporting Early-Career Researchers Actaddresses the immediate need to help early career scientists bridge the gap that exists due to greatly reduced hiring being done by universities and colleges. It creates a new postdoctoral fellowship program at the National Science Foundation to help support early career researchers whose employment opportunities have been impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis. The goal of this fellowship program would be to prevent the loss of research talent due to job market disruptions caused by any economic decline during and after the pandemic.我们希望获得支持this bill—you can reach out to your representative (10-30 seconds is all it takes) and ask them to support this bill, so important to the math community:https://www.ams.org/government/getinvolved-dc#/

TheSTEM机会法案will support policy reforms, research, and data collection to identify and lower barriers facing women, minorities, and other groups underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) studies and research careers. This bill, if it were to become law, would help us broaden participation in the scientific workforce (which, of course, includes PhD mathematicians).

The Rural STEM Education Research Act解决农村学生面临的不平等问题,使他们更难获得高质量的STEM教育。这是由各种各样的挑战驱动的,包括科学和数学教师短缺、教师流动率高以及难以获得基于计算机的学习技术。这将有助于让更多的农村学生为上大学做好准备,从而再次有助于扩大对科学工作者的参与。

Now what about newly elected members of Congress?人口结构与去年有何不同?有科学背景的新成员吗?



In the House, 27 of the 60 incoming new members are women. There are now 118 women in the House; 89 are Democrats and 29 Republicans. Of the freshwomen, 9 are Democrats and 18 are Republican. Republicans more than doubled their ranks; they had 13 last term.

In the Senate, there are a total 25 women—and only one new female senator, Cynthia Lummis who also happens to be the first female senator from Wyoming. With Kamala Harris leaving the Senate, there remain four states with two female senators—MN, NH, NV, WA.


Eight (6 Democrats, 2 Republicans) of the newly elected House members are Black and, together with the 50 re-elected Black members (50 Democrats, 0 Republicans), we have a total of 58 Blacks serving in the House. In the Senate, there are no newly elected Black members but there is one (a Democrat) who has been re-elected, and two that remain (one from each party, and were not up for re-election).



LGBTQ:There are now 11 LGBTQ members in Congress, the largest number ever.

Two (both Democrats) of the newly elected House members are LGBTQ and, together with the 7 re-elected LGBTQ members (all Democrats), we have a total of 9 LGBTQs serving in the House. In the Senate, there will remain 2 LGBTQ senators (both Democrats); neither was up for re-election.


  • John Hickenlooper (CO) who has a master’s degree in geology,
  • 亚历克斯·帕迪拉(加利福尼亚州)在麻省理工学院主修机械工程(注意,他想成为一名航空航天工程师的计划被上世纪90年代的反移民政治打乱了),
  • 罗杰·马歇尔(Roger Marshall,KS),本科时学习生物化学,是医学博士
  • Cynthia Lummis (WY) who has two bachelor’s degrees–in biology and in animal science.

New House members with undergraduate degrees in science fields include

  • Barry Moore (AL 2) who studied agricultural sciences,
  • Scott Franklin (FL 15) who studied oceanography,
  • 学习生物学的Nikema Williams(GA 5)和
  • Burgess Owens (UT 4), who studied biology and chemistry [Note: if you认得他的名字吗不知什么原因,你不能完全把你的手指放在它上面,也许,像我一样,你是一个足球迷。他同时为喷气机队和突袭者队效力。]

Additionally, Jay Obernolte (CA 8) has a Master of Science in artificial intelligence.

Happy 2021! Let’s all hope for efficient and complete vaccine rollout, and peace in our streets.


About Karen Saxe

凯伦·萨克斯AMS管理办公室主任ment Relations which works to connect the mathematics community with Washington decision-makers who affect mathematics research and education. Over many years she has contributed much time to the AMS, MAA, and AWM, including service as vice president of the MAA and in policy and advocacy work with all three. She was the 2013-2014 AMS Congressional Fellow, working for Senator Al Franken on education issues, with focus on higher education and STEM education. In Minnesota she has served on the Citizens Redistricting Commission following the 2010 census and serves on the Common Cause Minnesota Redistricting Leadership Circle. She has three children and, when not at work especially enjoys being with them and reading, hiking and sharing good food and wine and beer with family and friends.
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