Amplifying Excellence

I wanted to amplify some recent and ongoing excellent work and news!

Mathematically Gifted & Black

Mathematically Gifted & Black ( continues to share exceptional profiles of mathematicians every day this month. MG&B is organized byDr. Erica Graham, Dr. Raegan Higgins, Dr. Candice Price, and Dr. Shelby Wilson

You can follow MG&B onTwitter,Instagram, andFacebook。你也可以导致their effort to support the next generation of under-represented minorities in mathematics (

A profile of Dr. William Claytor

In late January, Dr. Ranthony A.C. Edmondsauthored and shared a Twitter线关于William S Claytor博士。正如许多其他人所说,埃德蒙德斯博士的线程是专业地研究和书面的。Claytor博士是“一个杰出的黑色数学家”,世界卫生组织将受益匪浅地支持数学界的支持“。正如其他人所指出的那样,克莱特博士显然值得拥有祂荣誉的奖学金。


Dr. Kagba Suaray “wanted to create a space for the Black community to connect with each other and meet others with a shared interest in math”, so he joined with Robin Wilson, Edray Goins, Kyndall Brown, Rob Rubalcaba, Pamela Lewis, Micki Clowney, and Kekai Bryant to create the Hesabu Circle, “named after the Kiswahili word for mathematics”. As described in the Facebook group, theHesabu Circle是由黑色数学家和教育工作者创造的空间,其中黑人学生“从Pre-k到Post-doc”可以相互联系,并在数学科学中重新发现我们先天的卓越。

You can follow the Hesabu Circle onFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram。And you can read more from Dr. Suaray in recent articles fromCSULB.A.Long Beach community paper

New NAM Leadership

TheNational Association of Mathematicianshasrecently had an election for President. I want to thank Dr. Edray Goins for his years of service, and Dr. Leona Harris for her work as Interim President, and I’d like to congratulateDr. Omayra Ortega as the new President!

你可以关注namFacebookTwitter。You canjoin NAM as an individual or institution and donate to NAM’s efforts

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