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tl;dr I am challenging AMS and/or MAA to invite and promote a speaker and/or panel to a main stage to openly discuss the very real issues facing marginalized members of our community. For the past two years I have been …Continue reading

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Guest Authors: Erica Walker, Scott Williams, and Robin Wilson In Mathematics, more than any other field of study, have we heard proclamations and statements similar to, “The Negro is incapable of succeeding.” Ancient and present achievements contradict such statements. One of the purposes of this website …Continue reading

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Raise your hand if you were just rejected by the NSF! Fun times, right? I don’t know about you, but I like to celebrate such occasions with a full re-evaluation of all of my life choices. So of course, I …Continue reading

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Here, There and Back Again: Developing Pre-Service Teachers’ Racial Consciousness Abroad

奥古斯塔纳学院迈克·莫克斯博士的旅客帖子。这里“如果街道束缚我的右腿,学校则留下了左手。没有理解街道,你现在放弃了你的身体。但没有理解学校......Continue reading

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Complicit Function Theorem

This week, I was separated by small degrees from two separate acts of terrorism motivated by hate. (1) Students and faculty/staff on my campus had set up a local version of The Clothesline Project, in which survivors of sexual violence …Continue reading

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Still, we sing

2017年,美国在美国许多人关心股权,多样性,包容和基本人权的情况下,这是一个艰难的一年。我们已经尝试(有些成功,但谢天地并非所有人)侵犯...的权利Continue reading

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Get Out The Way

Update June 7, 2017: For a follow-up to this post, check out Piper Harron’s personal blog, The Liberated Mathematician.

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Two Days with a Chicano Mathematician: Bill Velez visits Purdue

When I was in graduate school in mathematics at Stanford University, I was very politically active on campus. Not only was I an officer for the Black Graduate Students Association (BGSA), but I was an officer for the Chicano Latino …Continue reading

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Profiles in Invisibility

When people ask me “who is your favorite superhero?”, I usually say Invisible Boy (played by the awesome Kel Mitchell) from the 90’s movie Mystery Men. Invisible Boy’s superpower is, you guessed it, invisibility, but there’s a catch: he can …Continue reading

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Inquiry and Equity

教育是,在它的心里,关于正义。赋予个人改善他们周围条件的机构,成为故意和涉及公民,以实现有意义和充实的生活。或者至少应该。文化机构喜欢......Continue reading

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