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It started as a dare between friends. Would you dare post a video of yourself doing math on YouTube, for the entire world to see? That was the seed of what has become a fulfilling endeavor: creating and building the YouTube channelProfOmarMath。我从未预期的是赋权,这频道给出了世界各地的许多学生。

我发布的第一个视频是在解决问题的快速方法上GRE Math Subject test。此测试是进入许多数学博物馆程序的要求,并填充了非常非标准的光滑问题。发布第一个视频后,我实现了关于YouTube上数学环境的一些事情:

• There were barely any videos on tips and tricks for the GRE Math Subject Test.
• There were barely any videos on undergraduate mathematics material presented by a person from an underrepresented group.

我很高兴能够解决这两个问题,创造大约15(现在近30个)的视频技巧和窍门for the test. I then essentially abandoned the channel until about 3 months ago.

当我有更多时间才能投入到它时,复兴是我计划在休息的一年里做的事情。我扩展了该频道,包括在有趣的数学主题上包含视频,如组合证明Fermat’s Little Theorem, clear and empowering solutions toPutnam数学竞赛problems, and theorems undergrads don’t usually see like theGershgorin Circle Theorem

The impacts of doing this have been astounding. I’ve received many private messages from students across the world who appreciate having access to resources for standardized tests like the GRE Math Subject Test, and supplementary material on random interesting math topics. Students have come up to me at conferences expressing gratitude for the “out of the box” thinking presented in videos, giving them renewed perspectives on familiar topics.

But I think what motivates me the most to continue making these videos is filling the void of underrepresented mathematicians sharing non-standard undergraduate mathematics material on YouTube. Representation is such a critical force in empowering underrepresented students to realize their excellence. In a math culture where underrepresentation is often entangled with a deficit mindset, we need resources that reflect a different narrative.Resources that show underrepresented mathematicians engaging in creative, challenging and interesting mathematicshappily

If you are a student, come join me atProfOmarMath并且与数学有一些乐趣。如果您是教育家,或者有兴趣分享您对数学的爱的人,我非常鼓励您启动YouTube频道。它不一定是花哨的。我的first videos在音质和生产价值方面非常基本,但仍然对我从未想过的程度的影响。试试看!今天开始。

Dr. Mohamed Omar

Biography:奥马尔博士的使命是将来自数学恐惧的世界改变为数学爱好,狠狠地将他的生命致力于将数学纳入数学。2018年,他赢得了美国亨利L. Alder奖的数学协会,该奖项最着名的早期职业本科大学教学奖。他还在福布斯和科学的美国人在线。奥马尔博士也是一个激烈的倡导者克服数学普遍存在的障碍。

He is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed articles in internationally recognized journals. Dr. Omar is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics atHarvey Mudd College经过2年的屡获殊荣的预约Caltech

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