Learning During the Pandemic: What we wish our professors and mentors knew

Student Authors: Mayleen Cortez, Brooke Keene-Gomez, Lucy Martinez, Amaury V. Miniño, Jenna Race,Kelemua Tesfaye,和Stephanie.由MelissaGutiérrezGonzález编辑的博客文章,Pamela E. Harris, and Alicia Prieto Langarica.

In this blog we center the voices of mathematics students as they share their experience with remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • How hard it is to focus on school work at home and how anxious I am about finances.
  • 我希望我的教授知道我的心理健康状况并非稳定。我目前正在参加用餐室的在线课程,这不是专注于我的课程的最佳地点。我家里没有一个指定的区域来做我的作业或参加我的课程。很难坐在你吃饭和完成作业的同一个地方。坐在电脑前也耗尽,并且很难专注于每个班级。
  • 我希望我的教授知道在线课程的举措和社会疏散措施一直是我的每日和每周的时间表。我花了多年的了解自己以及我如何最好的功能,并且所有这些都感觉好像它被困在家中被扔掉了。自从我在我的最后一个学期开始以来,这是特别的压力,并且没有准备通过大流行的额外压力和焦虑。
  • 有一件事我希望我的教授在Covid-19期间知道我目前的经历是我不仅仅是通过这种大流行生活的不仅仅是生活。我的家人目前正在经历与与Covid-19无关的东西艰难的时间。我的心脏感到伤了一定的家庭成员的情况,我感到无助。我的一些亲密的朋友在家里陷入了情感和精神虐待的家庭成员,我觉得无奈。此外,我的许多亲人和朋友都是无证的移民,他们没有接受刺激检查或失业,我的心脏一直感受到沉重。我的人民正在痛苦。我们的人民正在痛苦,我觉得...无助。我想不出一个更好的词。我怎样才能坐在这里,并在人们生病,害怕,饥饿和死亡时,坐在这里的一篇文章或其他感受到“忙碌”的作业?我正在尽力做到最好,但有时候我希望我能丢弃我的课程,只关注我的家人。 I want to put my effort into finding ways to help my community… not replying to another discussion post or trying to derive numerical quadrature techniques or writing another essay on whether or not I think numbers actually exist.
  • 因为我们被隔离,我没有无限的空闲时间。我和家人一起工作的人住在一起,我的兄弟姐妹还在在线上学校,以及我的年轻儿子,所以我没有不受干扰的时间去上班。
  • This pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerabilities myself and loved ones hold in society. Those of us operating from communities at high risk are organizing to support one another within the evolving circumstances. Online learning is predicated on students having access to the resources campus offers as well as having the stability and capacity to maintain the workload despite the circumstances. This assumes a privilege of distance from the crisis, as well as a baseline level of wealth, access, and health to navigate the new academic terrain. Students like myself existing at rich intersections are well practiced in resilience and creativity in overcoming structural barriers. Even if this isn’t the dominant narrative at the university, I think it’s vital for institutions to exercise the same creativity we exhibit in support of students.
  • I wish my professors knew how hard this is. My whole life has changed. Going to class was the highlight of my day. Now I don’t leave the house for days other than to check the mail. I’m above average when it comes to motivation, but lately it’s been a struggle. I’m an extrovert and I get energy from people, especially people who are enthusiastic about their field. Now I watch pre recorded Zoom videos in lieu of lectures. I think perhaps if that was my established expectation, I wouldn’t find it as disappointing. I do hope the professors know they are appreciated, and that everything they do does help. I want them to know that while this is hard, most students realize it’s hard for them too. It’s a transition for everyone.


  • 我敦促我的导师行使同理心,并组织挑战结构种族主义和典型主义,打击可处理的政治。
  • I need my mentors to be understanding of the abnormal situation we are in. As I work through my courses, I am less motivated by a desire to learn, and more motivated by a need to establish normalcy. I want to care more about the work that I am doing, but I am scared of what will happen in the coming months and years. One of the best ways my mentors could help is by simply checking in with me, talking with me, and guiding me to ways to ground myself.
  • Advice about future academic goals and less emphasis on exams, more on course material.
  • 我需要我的导师来激励我,并引导我通过这个艰难的时期。我知道这应该是一条持续的指导和指导,因为教授也经历了挑战。学生和导师应该共同努力,创造一个强大而集体的参与。小型电子邮件对我来说很重要,提醒我们在一起。通过一种形式的视频通话会议对我来说是必不可少的,因为它保持自尊心。
  • 缓解工作量。许多教授正在分配更多的工作,我没有足够的时间来跟上它。
  • I need patience and understanding. I just want to be successful. I’m going to ask a lot of questions and ‘blow up your inbox.’ I apologize in advance. Please try and understand this isn’t what I signed up for. I know it’s not what you did either.
  • I need to know that if I don’t end this semester with awesome grades, or if I take a little too long to respond to an email, or if I just haven’t checked in with them in a while, that they understand and aren’t holding it against me… that they still value me and they know I’m trying my very hardest to be positive, productive, healthy and responsible during this pandemic. I just need them to know I’m trying my best… and I need to know that that’s enough.

We hope that these comments inspire faculty and mentors to listen to their own students and to understand what they are experiencing as they live through this pandemic. May the experiences shared by Mayleen, Brooke, Lucy, Amaury,Kelemua,和Stephanie inspire you to reach out to your students wishing them continued health and safety, and to remind them that they matter, that they are valued, and that they continue to be more than enough.

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